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10 Types of Foliage Used in Floristry

10 Foliages Florists Love


Floristry is so largely known for flowers for obvious reasons, but the other unsung hero of everyday life in a florist is the actual foliage! 

Foliage plays many parts in a typical bouquet it can: 

  • Provide foundation for the bouquet 
  • Influence the entire colour scheme 
  • Provide many textural elements in and amongst the flowers 
  • Improve quantity where a bouquet of just flowers would be totally poky 


So I’m going to list 10 different types of foliage we use I at Little Boho Flower Co, but we are not limited to ten! 

If another stunning foliage comes along we are all over that! 

In addition to this, i have provided links for some stunning faux versions of the listed foliages, they have come a long way and look so realistic!


Faux Bluegum Here


Faux Olive Leaves Here


Faux Viburnum Here



Artificial Ivy Garland Here


Faux Ruscus Here

Italian Ruscus 

Faux Italian Ruscus and Bluegum Garland Here





Faux Magnolia click here

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