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20 Birds you didn’t know existed in Adelaide, South Australia

20 Birds you didn’t know existed in Adelaide


Adelaide is a thriving metropolis of amazing wildlife, but the beautiful birds you see flying around in daily life here are so special!

Thats what prompted me to dig a little deeper to see what other birds could be found here.

Some of the birds listed below aren’t found easily or on the daily, actually some you’d have to be really committed to finding! But the point of this blog is to go highlight some of those birds that you could find with a bit of elbow grease :) !


  1. Blue Bonnet

2.Blue-faced Honeyeater

3.Australian Reed Warbler


4.Australian Pratincole

  1. Australian Owlet-Nightjar

6. Apostlebird

7. Barn Owl

8.Diamond Firetail

9. Crimson Rosella

10. New Holland Honeyeater

11. White-Winged Fairy Wren

12.Purple-Crowned Lorikeet


13. Rainbow Bee-Eater

14. Mount Loft Ranges Southern Emu-Wren

15. Hooded Plover

16. Royal Spoonbill

17. Rainbow Lorikeet

18. Australasian Shoveler


19. Welcome Swallow


20. Peregrine Falcon


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