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8 ℛℯ𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓈𝓉𝓲𝓬 Steps to Self Care

  1. Read a book- Novel, magazine, instructions for nans new minions aircooler- just make it a physical book that you can turn the pages of- it gets the phone out of your hand and gives new meaning to “old fashioned” things like reading a book!  

2. Listen to your favourite chill music: acoustic, jazz, eminem, jimmy Barnes, Slipknot, whatever makes you happy!

3.Intentionally plan and watch a movie! How many times have you spent hours searching through trailers only to give up because it’s way too late to start watching anything!  Spend some time adding movies to the watch list  during the week and hit up that list on the weekend!

4. I Light your favourite candle! That’s right. Blow the dust off it and pull it out from the back of the shelf and actually light it up. Day or night just do it!

5. Stretch. Not even joking- stretching your muscles has amazing benefits to your body and helps you relax.

6. Get on the podcast train! The trip between work and home for me listening to the radio and the ads and the same old sh*t, I started to get explore the world of podcasts and it truly is a refreshing and interesting way to zone out from your own head noise (aka stress). Be it finance, true crime, ancient Egypt whatever there’s something for everyone.

  1. Declutter! Yes I know it’s not the foot massage we think of when “self caring”, but actually clearing out the spaces that have been really annoying you and accumulating more and more paper/books/bills/junk... it really clears your head as well as the scape you’re cleaning. 

8. And last but not least, connect with nature. It really does help you to just breathe when you’re connecting to nature in some way. It could be watching a sunrise/sunset, walking barefoot through a forest, birdwatching, a David Attenborough doco, give it a go you will realise how good it feels.


And that’s my 8 steps to self care right now!