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A Guide to Eloping

Eloping: The Modern Definition according to Wikipedia:


Some view elopement as an intentionally small and intimate wedding experience which allows more emphasis to be placed on the commitment between the couple. Eloping is an opportunity for two people to craft an authentic true-to-them experience that aligns with their ethics and supports their future goals, rather than focus on traditions they may not identify with.


PERFECT if you ask me!


As a florist it always makes me so happy to see my brides and grooms doing what is best for them, but in most instances there is an underlying anxiety for them because of family reasons or friend issues, enter: the brides mum doesn’t want to sit next to uncle joe from 20 years ago, friend 1 doesn’t feel good about friend 2 getting the bridesmaid position, grooms mum wants to invite A-Z of their family friends who you have no fucking relationship with.. that sort of thing.


So given the year that has thrown us it’s fair share of wedding cancelations because of a worldwide pandemic, elopements have been popping up like little blossoms everywhere because it is just-so-much-easier!

To clarify a few things about eloping, I’ve put together a little guide on what to go and how to go about it if this is something you’ve been thinking about.


The ultimate elopement checklist:

1. Choose a budget
2. Select a destination & wedding venue
3. Check the law
4. Choose a date
5. Make travel arrangements (if needed)
6. Arrange accommodation (if needed)
7. Plan the ceremony
8. Write your vows (if any)
9. What to wear
10. Hair and makeup
11. Flowers or no flowers?
12. Low key or fancy?
13. Plan your guest list (if any)
14. Plan the party
15. Announce your elopement




DECIDE if you want your family and friends to know if you’ll be eloping or not. In this day and age, it’s perfectly fine to let those closest to you know what you’re up to, but only do so if not going to cause you unnecessary grief. 
Friends and family should be supportive of your decision, but sometimes that’s not always the case so it’s just a matter of having a conversation about it with your partner.


Check the local laws:

Checking the local laws in the country you choose to marry in will clarify if there needs to be anyone else present or any specific licenses needed to make the marriage legally valid.


Hire a local:

Florist ✔️ 

Planner ✔️


Videographer ✔️

Hiring someone local to the area you marry in will know how to get you the best deal, florists will know what they can get in for you, photographers will be able to suggest the best times and spots for your photos- some of these things are personable experiences and having someone who you trust to be able to help you will be invaluable when the time comes.


Things to consider:

The dress, will it be white, black, pink, red?  There’s no right or wrong, and don’t downplay any part of the planning process because there won’t be any guests! 
This is YOUR big day and it’s a special day, enjoy the process.

Will you have rings?

Will there be vows?

Can you livestream both mums and dads via FaceTime (or the like) so they can feel a part of it?

Celebrate! How will you make the occasion? A night out on the town or roasting marshmallows around a firepit with a few tunes be more like it?

Celebrate it your way, and don’t play it down!

How to tell everyone?

Figure out wether sending a just married card, a social media announcement or a video, text? 
Let everyone who you want to know, know about your big news!


Sometimes people have a post elopement party with their loved ones, but there’s absolutely no need to do so if you’re content with the elopement itself.

Although by all means go ahead and have a huge bash if that’s what you want to do, but there is no pressure to come home and throw a huge party for everyone, celebrate in your own way. 

Just remember though, that most people will want to give you their well wishes and they might want an opportunity to express that to you- can you form a private group and supply them a postal address to send their cards too perhaps?


With all things considered- eloping is a perfect opportunity to tailor your own wedding package with literally just the 2 of you- to me this means more room for the fun things! 

Happy planning and I hope this has helped you along the way!


Hayley X