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Botanical Backdrop for any Baby’s Photo Shoot

As a mother of 3 kids myself, I was lucky enough to have 2 beautiful girls first, and then along came my baby boy.

With all stereotypes aside, I personally really enjoy using florals for baby girls and the sky is really the limit when we think of how we might decorate their newborn photos or their bedrooms.
In my case, being a florist, I love all things floral and gorgeous for the girls, but when it came to my baby boy and the prospect of having a photo shoot done for him, I had a mental blank because the typical décor one might associate with baby boys- enter: sky blue teddy, weird rocket ship blanket, crochet Froggie suit.. they did not appeal to me!

What did appeal to me, was something closer to nature. Even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having flowers with baby boys, I couldn’t picture that myself, so I decided on a botanical theme.
I finally had the idea to have a greenery backdrop, but not cheap looking fake leaves wall, I wanted the real thing.

One problem though? The shoot was being done indoors, at my house. Hardly the whimsical willow tree style I had in mind.

So I bought the outdoors in.
I went about the neighbourhood and sourced a variety of leaves, some ferns, some single leaves, some long, short, thick, light and dark.
By having this diversity in the leaves selection, it created a beautiful depth in the backdrop, but kept it completely whimsical at the same time.

So how did we achieve it?
All I did was use double sided tape cut into tiny squares which I placed on the walls in a fairly even (but not perfect) pattern, and simply alternated between the shape and size of the leaves.
Remember, nothing in nature is perfect, it always has an asymmetry to it, and as is the motto of my own business “exceptional flowers, inspired by nature”, that was exactly the case here as well.
I was inspired by nature to create a beautiful backdrop for my baby.

As I mentioned before, there is no judgement when it comes to gender stereotypes these days. What used to be typical is no longer how it is today.
So I say, use whatever you like as a backdrop! Especially though, if you feel as though you want something whimsical and natural, but not necessarily floral, then I hope this greenery backdrop can inspire you to create one of your own, for literally the cost of your double sided tape, and your imagination!


By Hayley Ball

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