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Flower Spotlight: Lisianthus

So currently it is the middle of May 2021 and the local Lisinthus season has just started.

This could change next year and it was probably different last year too, because seasons are not exact replicas each year that goes by.


Botanical Name: Eustoma

Common Name: Lisianthus

Flower description: Large funnel shaped flowers growing on long straight stems. The flowers can grow up to 2 inches across and come in a variety of colours including all shades of pink, purple, white, lemon yellow and blue.


Lisianthis is a beautiful, high end cut flower, but they are tricky to grow as they require some maintenance.

The seeds have to be sown on top of the soil, not buried, and they prefer to have rich, well-drained soil in full sun.

After cutting, Lisianthus have a long vase life of up to 3 weeks!

Lots of people buy Lisianthus in a bunch of 5 or 10 straight stems, or in a mixed bouquet;

We have used Lisianthus in wedding bouquets and wedding decor countless times.

Particularly the white ones, as they are a really pure white there’s no creaminess to them at all.