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5 Must Have Elements for a Boho Wedding on a Budget

5 Must Have elements for a Boho Wedding
So what’s a boho wedding anyway, you might be asking.
Well, I’m glad you asked!
Boho weddings are like a mythical woodlands enchanted forest book.
Boho weddings have a distinctive soft and romantic feel that is earthly and inspired by nature, and all things outdoors.
To be able to pull this off though, there’s a few things that require your execution to be on point.
Boho weddings are not to be confused with a diy dream that could become a disaster zone if not done right.
So here we’ve compiled a list of must haves for your boho big day, and how to achieve them on a budget, the right way.

Ambient Lighting
Lighting is so important! 
There’s no romance in hardy fluros [enter: Ugly Lights], instead use the the very cost effective fairy lights, wherever you can!
The fairy lights are what gives any event the basis of a whimsical wonderland.
Try having them overhead of the guests as that can really create a magical impact, or in a place where people are likely to be gathered such as the dance floor, or above/along the dining tables. 
Many fairy lights come as either battery operated or electrical, so the bsky is really the limit for these.

Table Decor
Sometimes weddings can get awkward when there’s 2 families coming together who may not know each other, so whilst table decor often gets overlooked or cut our completely due to budget demands, don’t underestimate its ability to be a conversation-starter and ice-breaker amongst your guests!
Boho weddings are all about the mismatched textural elements of nature, so all you need to do is choose your colour scheme and run with it wether it be all natural/autumnal tones or complete colour vibes, we recommend using many, many recycled or upcycled jars or vases, the more mismatched the better!
Having these vases in variable heights and shapes sets the grounds for a few stems of flowers in each one which will keep the costs down, but the impact big!
By using upcycled fabric such as old tablecloths or curtains in the same colour scheme and using those as table runners, this will double your impact for only a few extra dollars per table, if that. 
Run a few of those aforementioned fairy lights along the table in amongst the vases and you have yourself an amazing table setting on a minimised budget!
The most ironic things here is don’t limit the table decor to just the tables!
Think of all the places your guests will gather and sit or stand, and have some decor at all of those places.
Do you have a kids area? A sitting area with heaps of mats and oversized cushions? Put some flowers everywhere, even in the tiny spaces that ‘don’t really need anything’ as boho weddings are all in the details. 
Add some battery operated tea light candles to the mix for an all night glow that you can set and forget.
We all have that one friend that’s amazing at hair, right? 
The best thing hung you can do as a boho bride, is braid your hair! 
Big ones, small ones, heaps of ‘ones’, just get them in there and poke some single wildflowers through them, nothing spells stunning like it!
If you are loving the idea of canning the hairdresser for a much cheaper but still just as good effect, the ultimate guide for DIY braids is here, it’s an amazing book and probably the best hair investment you’ll ever buy!

Hang Things 
One of the whimsiest things you could do is add some hanging elements of greenery and or flowers.
If you choose the areas that will have the most affect, this could be done really effectively within a budget as well.
Really think outside the square, is there a gate or a fence on the entrance of the venue? Hang some beautiful  greenery and a pop of flowers for the welcome vibe before they even arrive.
At the bar, drape some greenery over one side of it, and string some fairy lights through it for instant boho!
Other areas to hang include: welcome sign, along the tables, photo wall, entry and exit points.
Add Macrame and Lace Accents 
Do you have a friend who makes Macrame? If you do, please ask them if you could hire some of their work, to accentuate your wedding space! 
This is a great way to give a friends’ skill or business a plug, whilst saving you a lot of money.
If you don’t know anyone who makes it, there are many small business’ these days that hire out their larger pieces, this is especially great for photo backdrops, and will save you so much money.
No matter which approach you take, macrame is a very affordable and very boho decor option! 
This one below is only $32.90.
Macrame and lace accents really speak volumes to the overall boho vibe and give it that “extra” appeal!

Flowers in your Hair!
The bane of the boho existence has got to be loose and and hanging locks, with multiple braids of different sizes weaved loosely to the back, and some carefully placed wildflowers along them! 
This can be really elegant and stunning, with even the simplest of designs.
You could place just a few flowers in your hair, or you could go for a full flowercrown (stunning) or a simple leaf crown, either way, it all looks amazing and would definitely complete the boho look. 
Talk to you florist about different flowercrown options, we are happy to help!

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