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Rediscovering Australia Through Flowers

You might be thinking, ‘what’s with the whack title?!’.. well let me explain.

Ever since Covid-19 showed up to the party a few months ago on Aussie turf, the flower world (among many others) has been turned on its head like a soft serve landing face down on the grass.

Theres been some coasting along the way, procrastination and ‘making do’ for all of those who didn’t shut their doors completely, but the real definative moment for me as a florist was Mother’s Day flower availability.

No one really knew how Mother’s Day would pan out because there were minimal orders placed by the customer in advance, and that left us with no choice than to just wait and see who showed up, and we were buying flowers on a daily basis because of this- normally we just place a mammoth order and have all this ‘stuff’ pre-organised! 
So this year we got completely inundated with last minute orders, people so desperate to connect in some way to their mums, nans, grandies, aunts, that this led to a massive influx of panic buying and we just could not supply the people with enough flowers! 
I have said since Mother’s Day this year, we could have sold triple what we had to sell and more, because people were just showing up not even caring what we had, just to get some kind of flowers.

So on that note, we as a nation, only receive a very small percentage of flowers from our farming counterparts here in Australia, the rest, is imported from different places all over the world.

Covid-19 led to no flights, quarantine, border restrictions, security delays, and it basically meant that we had to turn to our Australian farmers and only use what they had to offer, which unfortunately was nowhere near enough for what we needed.

So I want to showcase some flowers that are grown right here on home soil, some I source locally, others are sourced through private farms or other flower markets, but I know they’re all grown here and I think if people knew if a bit more on what we can get from ‘home’ then you’re more likely to support a florist who supports their local farmer.

So let’s learn about some local produce!

Pink Ice Protea 

Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring


Season: Feb - Dec


Availability- All year round! There are some amazing Aussie farmers who grow these hydroponically so we can have them all year round, however in an outdoor growing situation, they usually go dormant during winter and then start back up again.


Flowering from Late Dec through to May (but seeing them around now in June!)

Cymbidium Orchids

Flower from May- Aug/Sept.


Geraldton Wax

From WA, flowers from Late Winter - Spring



Flowering from late Summer- Winter 


Sweet Peas


Flowering Winter-Spring


So those are just some of the amazing flowers that we as a nation can by right now, no import needed!

Theres also many more, including the crowd faves such as Oriental Lily, Asiatic Lily (aka Tiger Lily), Chrysanthemum, Bluegum, Sweet William and more!

Please reach out and ask your florist what is/will be available in your area, and let’s support those closest to us first!


Hayley X

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