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Some things you’d just never know about your customers if you couldn’t serve them in person.

Having an online presence for any business is so extremely important and absolutely necessary in this day in age, but there are just some really nice things that could never happen in your days if you weren’t dealing with some of your customers face to face, or in my case in a bricks and mortar shop where people can come in and buy flowers the old fashioned way- over the counter.

It has become something that’s really fascinating to me, that sometimes we can meet complete strangers and learn things about them that they most likely never talk about!

For instance today whilst I was handing a gentleman his bouquet that he ordered for his wife, for their anniversary, my “general chitchat” kicked in and I asked him what number wedding anniversary it was for them.

His reply was “ohhh around about 42 or 43 now, I dunno I’ve lost count”..

and then completely effortlessly and without being prompted, he continued on to tell me how his wedding only cost $6 all those years ago as he and his then fiancé, went down to the registration office together in a tiny town in the state of Maine in USA and $6 was the cost of the registration! 
They got a photo of themselves holding their new marriage certificate and that was their wedding!

Later on that day (today) the mans wife who yuh r flowers were for, popped into the shop to tell me how much she loved the flowers!


So, my day continued on as usual, and in comes another gentleman wanting some flowers for his wife.

He wanted some Lillies which we were all out of so I offered to make him a beautiful mixed bouquet instead.

So as I was apologising that we had no Lillies left as they’d been sold earlier in the morning, he said so me I should’ve came in earlier, in which I replied no they were sold out quite early this morning so it would not have made any difference.

He then (without prompting) told me that he usually stops by when he’s in the area, and his routine is to head to the bakery first (across the toad) then to the butcher (a few shops down) and then the florist to buy flowers for his wife!

Now this might look like a pretty simple, general day for an average guy but the sentiment of heading out in the car to go to the butcher, bakery and florist was absolutely incredible to me, and quite possibly something that not very many people do at all!

 So today I appreciated my customers and their stories they effortlessly shared, as I appreciated the sentiment of both of their stories through and through.


And in summary, there are just some things that you could never have happen in your day unless you have these kinds of face to face interactions, so please don’t take them for granted ✌🏻💕.

By Hayley Ball



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