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Dried Flowers

We have a really beautiful range of dried stems including preserved, tinted, hand-dried and naturally dried flowers, foliage’s, nuts and berries.

Shop from our range of pre-made arrangements below.

All arrangements come with the vessel pictures unless otherwise specified.

Most dried flowers will last a lifetime!

Some stems are stronger than others and may only last  year or 2 as discolouring and drooping may occur, but these can easily replaced as dried flowers are also sold by the stem in store as well.

Singular stems can be purchased separately at any time.

General care for dried arrangements are:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Constant exposure to light can fade some of the bright tinted stems.
  • Don’t allow to get wet.
  • Keep away from direct open windows or vents.
  • Because these are a natural product, it is normal for some things to shed when moved or over time beakages can occur. 

We are happy to help you here!